Proservices maintenance services (PTY) LTD.
Port Elizabeth
since 1998

Get What you Deserve in a Contractor

“The opinions expressed herein are without prejudice to any third party or persons and are based on investigations of the redecorating and refurbishment industry in and around Port Elizabeth since 1998, which has allowed us to compile our interpretation of the pitfalls of hiring a maintenance contractor, the correct terms of service that a painting/maintenance  contractor should provide or supply, and that prospective clients should enjoy.”

  1. Before you hire a Contractor
  2. Obtaining quotations
  3. Questions you should ask your Contractor prior to the appointment
  4. Who will be on site and how will it be managed?
  5. Danger beware (please note)
  6. What guarantee can you give me?
  7. Preferred applicator status
  8. About Proservices
  9. Preferred Applicator