Proservices maintenance services (PTY) LTD.
Port Elizabeth
since 1998

Our Maintenance and Repair Services Offered

Our Maintenance and Repair Services Offered - Image
Our Maintenance and Repair Services Offered - Image
Our Maintenance and Repair Services Offered - Image


This division has developed from clients’ needs to have an easy-to-reach building maintenance service available on a continuous basis; rather than to let matters run until there is sufficient work to employ an outside contractor. Continual maintenance means that a dedicated team is available to visit the premises on a regular basis and fix, paint or correct any physical defects to ensure they do not become future major problems.


This is usually required unexpectedly or is an urgent response to a damaged part of a building. This is a reactive activity and entails the immediate rectification of defects, breakages and damage which, if ignored, could result in further losses and damage.


This is a proactive activity that focuses on prevention rather than a quick fix in a crisis situation. The response is proactive with the purpose of ensuring that buildings and related services remain functional throughout their service lives. Upkeep also enables latent defects, breakages and damage to be detected and/or averted at an early stage and prevent any possible disaster. If defects are ignored, this leads to further deterioration which places people using the buildings at risk. If contingency plans are in place, this could prevent unnecessary and high expenditure at a later stage or greatly reduce lost productivity.


This is also a proactive activity whereby buildings and related services are converted or structurally altered to meet the users’ requirements for cost-effective utilisation. This ensures that buildings and their related facilities function to their full capacity. As an added value service we keep a complete record of all maintenance tasks so that all subsequent planning and administration may be carried out in the most cost-effective manner.

With skilled tradesman and technicians and dedicated vehicles that run between the properties we service, a short turn-around time on a call-out is possible.